A Cyber Lover's Tale

By Sisyphus

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A bawdy tale modelled after Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Here’s a tale that Chaucer might have heard.

A bawdy one, you’ll find, and quite absurd.

Though in his day there was no internet,

This tale is one no pilgrim would forget,

But one I think would make the old guy grin.

So listen friends and let my tale begin.

I am a man who doesn’t like to rush,

But then one night I found this site called Lush

With lots of sexy stories I could read

And pictures that would satisfy my need.

For I’m a horny guy as you will see

And happy as a horny guy could be

To find so many tales that made me hot.

And so I wrote a tale and said, “Why not?”

And gave myself a name and had no fear

When I became the Cyber Cavalier.

Well, soon I found my story was a hit.

It was a raunchy tale, I must admit,

And many women asked to be my friend,

So I said yes then hit the place marked send.

And then I wrote another tale of lust

That came from fantasies as most tales must.

And it was fun to write and tantalize

And more and more I found to my surprise

Requests inviting me to open up a chat

And pictures on my page that I looked at.

And then I found each day a new one came

And saw that on this site there was no shame,

Just sexy playfulness, sometimes extreme,

But no one seemed to judge another’s dream.

This brings me to the night I read a story

About a woman who was slutty and quite whorey,

And so I wrote a message to the writer

Who wrote back in a way that seemed much lighter

Than the way she wrote the story I had read,

And something touched me by the way she said,

“I’m really shy but have another side,

And who I am I often have to hide.

I know I sound like I’m a flaky nut,

And part of me would love to be a slut.”

Stunned at first, I wrote back wanting more

And found that I was opening a door.

And so I asked her kindly what she meant.

And then she told me all the things she dreamt.

She told me she has always been so good

And always did the things she knew she should,

But felt that something in her life was missing,

Lusty longings she had been dismissing.

I told her how I really understood,

That I was also shy and also good,

But here we are on Lush wanting more,

And we both knew what we were looking for.

And as we wrote and wondered was it luck

To find someone on line we’d like to fuck.

The more we met the more she was alluring,

And we enjoyed the world we were exploring.

And each of us looked forward to our meeting

And felt our passions rise and our hearts beating.

One night I wrote I want to kiss her lips

And when she wrote back yes, my heart did flips.

And then we wrote describing every touch,

Amazed at how it made us feel so much.

It felt so strange to write what we were doing

And make the keyboard feel like were screwing.

And when she wrote, “Give me your cock to ride,”

I didn’t want to make her feel denied.

And so I’d pound the keys and she’d let go,

And she’d write back the words, “Yes!” and “Oh!”

And it felt good to know that she felt pleased.

But other times I’d type so she’d feel teased.

And in my mind I’d grab and spread each leg

And play with her so I could hear her beg.

Sometimes I’d slap her ass and give a squeeze

Then type the words, 'I want you on your knees'.

Oh, it was fun to read her words, “I’m moaning.

Then I’d write back to tell her I was groaning.

And we were good describing what’s depicted

And didn’t care that we were both addicted.

And knew that there were feelings we were shoving,

So we could spend so many hours loving.

Often we would ask if cyber love was real

When we were writing all the things we feel.

That’s when we started speaking on the phone

In our attempt to feel that we were known.

And though we wrote and spoke through time and space

And sent each other pictures of our face

And fantasized that one day we would meet,

I never thought that I would know deceit.

One night when she was gone I heard a ping

From someone asking if I’d like a fling.

Her dirty words were tempting my right hand,

And so I wrote lets have a one night stand.

But when we did she said, “Let’s meet again.”

I knew that I was wrong when I asked when

And wished that I did not become beguiled

By someone whose descriptions drove me wild.

And suddenly I felt myself confused

And found it hard to have my lust refused.

Although I never said I’d be exclusive

I also didn’t want to feel elusive,

And wondered if this rendezvous was cheating

On the women who for months I had been meeting.

And suddenly I felt my heart was aching

For the one I knew whose heart I’d be breaking

If she knew and found my thoughts were hazy

And that my cyber life was getting crazy,

For there were other women pinging me

And I could feel my conscience stinging me,

For I was having trouble deciding

What to do about this need for hiding,

And found it all was much too distracting

And did not like the way that I was acting,

Or that my life was going topsy turvy

When I saw a woman who was curvy

And knew I had to make some hard decisions

Which I did but then I made revisions

When a woman’s words would give my heart a rush

And I was swirling madly in the land of Lush.

That’s when I felt this rising sense appear.

I did not want to be the Cyber Cavalier.

I wanted something real that I could keep,

Something that was warm and true and deep.

And so I asked my love if she would like to meet

Some place where we could get a bite to eat,

Somewhere on earth and not in cyber space,

Somewhere where we could touch each other’s face

And feel the wonder of a real embrace.

I knew that both of us would be quite nervous

But it was time to go below the surface

And find if what we felt on line was real,

To find if there was more than sex appeal.

And so I flew a thousand miles one day

And when we met there was nothing more to say.

Although it was a little strange at first

It wasn’t long before our hearts would burst

Like water in a dam that overflowed.

For we both knew our lust would soon explode.

And though we ate as we had first agreed

There was another hunger we had to feed,

But it was good to see and be seen,

To see her face and hair and eyes so green.

And when I took her to my hotel room

And held her close and smelled her sweet perfume,

And something I could never do on line

And had to let her know that she was mine.

And when we held each other on that bed,

Our bodies said what needed to be said.

I still can hear the passion in our screams

As we made love beyond our wildest dreams.

No longer did I want an online lover

For the lover I now had was like no other.

That time was long ago and we’re still here

Knowing that our love is deep and dear.

And though some days are hard, it’s mostly fun.

And now I’m glad to say my tale is done.