A Leprechauns dream

By scooter

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Spied a sweet young vixen,
Down at the local Shamrock’s,
Shakin’ her 36 D diddies,
And teasin’ all the cocks.

Wearin a tight green t-shirt
Shakin’ her flamin’ red hair,
Her perky hard nipples
Pointing the way to her lair.

O’er a pint we sit and flirt,
And discuss the jewel beneath her skirt.

As we kiss and head for her bed,
I wonder if tonight
She’ll give me good head.

Fingers searching inside her knickers,
My head spinnin’ as she drops to her knees
To blow on my stiff flute,
Her pretty lil kisser aimin’ to please.

I smile as I remember
When I had made the first pass,
Droppin’ my hand beneath her skirt,
Hoping finally I will be getting some hot ass.
Oops, I shouldn’t have eaten all that pork,
So I run for the men’s room.
Sauerkraut always leaves me with gas,
So I get relief with a big boom.
I hope that things came out just fine,
I am feeling kinda boloxed
Maybe I should not have drunk all that wine.

Wishing I would perform like a green Leprechaun
As I enter and see her clothes in a pile.
I start to rip off my clothes,
It’s obvious, I haven’t had sex in a while.
She smiles and can’t take
Her eyes off my magic wand.
We fuck, and we suck
Till our bodies go limp.
As I gather my clothes, I smile at my luck.

Till she tells me, “Hey sexy, just pay my pimp.”

scooter... 7-20-2011