A Little Love Note for You

By scarlet

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There will be a time when
The precious words will
Not form from my lips
But, I will still feel them.

There will be a time when
You will not see me
But only feel me
And all the love I have

There will always be memories
Every touch, the caress in the night
And the laughs in the lifts
But it will happen no more

There will never be a moment
I don't wish to be back in your arms
You are my past, present and future
That will never change my darling.

There are times I worry
You will forget,
My face, my laugh
But mostly the love we share.

There will never come a time
when my feelings change.
You my dearest, you are my love
For the rest of my life and beyond

Never forget.
My solemn vow
I love you
Forever and forever