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A rose by any other...

I can't think of a one liner. Perhaps if I could, I would have spared us all the 66 liner below.

Big ears! he shouted and ran away

Stuck out his tongue, pulled my hair all day

And made me cry

Hey, is your Ellie playing out, Mrs Jones?

We broke a window throwing stones

And never got found out

Billy's got a girlfriend! his mates all cried

No I bloody haven't! She's a liar. Ellie lied!

But we held hands later

You're beautiful, gorgeous, I wish that we ...

He kissed me in the darkness, hand on my knee

Till the moon went down

Dear Ellie, since you moved away it's not been the same

You will always be my first love. Please don't forget me.

Your darling Billy

Hey, stranger! Is that you? Did you recognise me?

Oh, Billy, you look wonderful. Sorry 'bout your mum...

The service was beautiful

Doctor Ellie Jones! Wow how well you've done

Oh, Ellie Roberts, you're married. Divorced?

Sorry it didn't work out

Old friend! She's an old friend! Darling this is Ellie

Moved away years ago, she's a doctor now

If only he knew the half of it

Eleanor Jones Hey! 2day was gr8 2 cu

wud u like a drink sumtime? Wud b so gud 2meet 

n catch up. Been 2 long Billy x

Lover, Billy sighs in the back of his car,

I have to get home. Hey! Don't forget your knickers!

That would take some explaining

Mistress? Is that all I am to you?

Listen, it's difficult, no, impossible. I can't bear it

She knows. She's read your texts

Fucking slut! You fucking whore! Fucking keep away

From my Billy... he's mine... oh God

You've fucking ruined everything

Darling, I love you but... for the kids' sakes

I'm staying with her, though it breaks my heart

Every time I think of you

You look fabulous, sweetheart. How many years?

Yes. Cancer took her. She's at peace now. 

Let's have a drink and catch up

Carla, this is Ellie, a dear friend of me and mum

Did you know my mum? This is my little brother

He's one. Please stay for tea!

I've talked to the kids. They love you

Almost as much as I do. Make us all happy, please

Let me call you wife. Be their mother

Infertile... The doctors say there's little hope

I know I am blessed by the family I have

But I wanted one for me and you

The school has gone from strength to strength

A vote of thanks must go to Mrs Davies

Chair of governors

I want the cruise to be a surprise

No, it's for two. Me and my beautiful wife

She's retired. It's a celebration

Grandma's here, little man. Don't cry

Oh, Carla he's beautiful, so beautiful

It's unbelievable; a miracle

I'm Ellie, your wife. Billy, please

Try to remember. Remember your first love?

Your lover? I love you.

Eleanor Davies. Widow. Terminal.

Mrs Davies... Billy? Is that you calling?

Have you come to take me home?

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