a safe distance

By LauraLee_sugah

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Tags: music, fingering, nearness, love

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I feel you draw near as I watch the stars move across the sky

and travel with them in light years of space and empty dreams.

your warmth,

your aura,

your breath envelops me

drawing me back into the earthly realm.

music plays in a room of smoke and mirrors

and fills me with you.

we move to a rhythm that belongs to us

and your hands play my body.

fingers caress my breasts

and pull my clothes aside to touch flesh

made sensitive by your very existence.

my wanting place is suddenly revealed.

your fingers stroke and press

drawing forth wild spasms that call you even closer.

you sway with me

in the music of my heart

and bring me to love....

more love than I can bear.

let me travel back to the stars.

I am safe there

in the solitude of the twirling galaxies.

looking from a distance

at lands of longing

and your beautiful face.