A Stormy Night

By coguy

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Tags: embrace, sad, love, desire, suppression

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I sit there making hearts on your bosoms
There is a certain sadness in your smile
But you won't tell me why

As you lay there in the darkness
With your head on my chest
On this dark, stormy night
As I trace little hearts
On your bare bosoms

I bring my lips close to your lips
That are slowly quivering with excitement
As our lips touch
A wave of excitement shoots from mine
And travels straight to my heart

You lift your head up
As if to lock of your lips with mine
But turn away your head
Our lips slowly slipping away
As a little tear appears on the corner of your eye

I plant a soft kiss on your forehead
And one on your closed eyelids
Swooping away the tear drop
With my trembling lips

I turn you around
Embracing you in my arms
Your head resting on my shoulder
Your eyes closed
Your bosoms resting on my bare chest
Two hearts beating in unison

You slowly lift your left leg
And wrap around my bare thighs
I can feel the heat
Of your soft moist petals
Resting close to my bare skin
As you breathe hard
And press yourself on me

Minutes go by
There you lay
Your breathing settles
I realize you have fallen to sleep
As a little smile appears on your lips

There in the darkness I sit
Holding you tight in my arms
Eyes wide open
Making hearts on your bosoms
Waiting for that first ray
Of a beautiful morning sun