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Addictive Passion

Getting my passion fix.
It always takes my breath away.
A feeling that stays with me for days.

Arousal so very intense.
The craving for it is immense.

Torrid is this burning fever.
It will make you a believer.

In every dangerous little thing.
To this feeling I always cling.

A need so very great it smolders.
It is a huge weight on my shoulders.

I never know what to expect.
My common sense has been wrecked.

Because this passion is so blind.
It will completely ruin your mind.

But nothing is ever as sweet.
As that burning sexual heat.

A fire burning so very bright.
You can’t resist it with all of your might.

Filled with sweltering ardent heat.
My lust that wants to taste your meat.

That wants to devour you heart, mind and soul.
Completely consume your entire body whole.

Take it all every single thing.
I want everything that you bring.

This craving is flowing from my every pore.
Anticipation waiting to see what is in store.

A victim of my daring adventurous heart.
It makes me feel foolish and not very smart.

I may be approaching the height of this desire.
I really don’t think it can get much higher.

Or this inferno will finish me.
Then what is meant to be will be.

Hopes filled with excitement and kink.
Fantasies of secret things that we think.

Remember this isn’t all in your mind.
Because I will keep you till the end of time.

We will give each other every single thrill.
In our unique way using all of our skills.

No matter how long till it can be.
What we seek only takes you and me.

This addiction is so very sweet.
A passion so deep it will not retreat.

I will hold it so dear to my heart.
No matter how far we are ever apart.

My addiction though sweet is not only mine.
It belongs to you too and is so very fine.

We will be tied with this unique special bond.
Taking this addiction off the charts and beyond.

Give me a sweet man who is ready to please.
That addictive passion is what I always need.

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