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After the cabaret

Meeting after the show
"I watch her dance around,
Some sultry jazz plays,
She throws a look into my direction,
the rest of the cabaret melts away."

"A sea of people intently watch me,
but I only feel hers on me,
Her eyes are penetrating my soul,
building an aching desire within me."

"The theater is loud and alive,
but one audience member falls deaf,
I can only hear my heavy breathing,
and feel my heaving breast."

"All those years of training the wall,
that separates them from me,
And somehow she has come along,
and brought down that inner sanctuary."

"Aromatic aching swells between my legs,
As I silently beg for the show to end,
I cross my legs and feel a tremble,
The rubbing of my stockings together has me near despair."

"My feet keep moving,
but my mind is on her,
Without those hours of practice,
This show would have come to hell."

"Wolf whistles and applaud,
but I'm already fighting to get out,
Desperate to see her,
Desperate FOR her."

"My heart races as the dressing room cheers,
Champagne flows and cigar smoke lingers near,
But I throw on my trench, pass light kisses around,
and race on my heels to the back door."

"I sit in the dark alley in a run down old trailer,
I've stripped down to my laceys,
The night's chill hits my skin,
but lover's fever is sits deep."

"I see her sexy legs hanging from the trailer,
a new fire is lit inside me,
In front of her I throw my trench to the floor,
revealing our matching lingerie."

"I gasp slightly and spread my legs,
inviting her in, actually begging her in,
My pussy dripped her name,
..and then she touched me."

"My fingers play with the lace on her thighs,
before running up her legs,
My lips brush against her neck,
and then brushed her lips."

"My mouth returns her love,
kissing with heavy passion,
as my fingers fumble with her clasp,
releasing the twins for play."

"She rips at my panties,
I rip at hers,
My fingers read her pussy lips,
Her back arches when they dip."

"Her fingers slip inside me as I suckle on her tit,
She rubs her pussy against my thigh,
Feeling her moistness on my skin,
and I'm a bear after honey."

"She pulls me into the trailer with her,
My fingers still plunge her deep,
But she flips me over onto my back,
and for a moment we just kiss."

"Our bodies mesh together,
I kiss her mouth tenderly,
My fingers play along her hands,
as I hold them above her head."

"My clit pulsates under hers,
as her hips grind hard,
She then sits up straddling me,
and looks into me deep."

"I turn around and sit on her face,
feeling her tongue in seconds,
I drag my finger nails up her thighs,
and my face reaches the prize."

"I hungrily drink my girlfriend's wine,
and feel her bury her face into me,
My clit responds immediately,
and I'm in heaven."

"My fingers slip inside her hole deep,
I don't pump them, they sit hard and still,
My tongue flicks her clit harder,
and her walls begin to tense."

"I'm so close to cumming,
I feel a tingle rise from my clit,
My fingers buried deep into her,
I fight off my orgasm."

"I grind deeply onto her fingers,
She laps at me, a kitten on milk,
Then she says those muffled words,
"Fuck - I love you!!"

"As I feel her walls jerk with contraction,
My orgasm hits me hard,
Waves of pleasure hit her face,
and she explodes over mine."

"Spent, we sit up and melt into each other,
The moonlight hits us as we pour the champagne."

"Sharing my trench, we hold each other close
and she looks me in the eyes and says,"I love you too."
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