By DeepDarkDisire

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The things my heart sings.
I miss you, my love, butthere is so much more in that,
I miss you
not your hair
your teeth
your breasts
your feet
In truth none of those things do it for me.
It is your soul
Your most inner person
I love you no matter the casing
When I think about being with you for the rest of my life
a tear of joy comes to my eye
There is no greater love than the one I hold for you.
No matter how far away you are
if you're not by my side my heart is broken
Others can not hold my interest the way you do
I want to show you my love
Every way I can.
There is no comparison to our love.
They will have to write new songs and books to reference it
but even then they won't come close
I love you will have to do for now.