All of me

By Saga

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Tags: trust, longing, hunger, touch, giving, bondage, submisson, release

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Your touch has awoken what is inside of me, clawing to get out.

The want and need pushed down,

Not admitting to the painful longing.

Your demanding hands and urgent tongue,

Releasing the hunger so long hidden.

The feel of silk tightening around my wrists

Eliciting my body's full desire.

The darkness closing in, caressing and soothing,

My control falling and straining.

The unspoken promise, evoking the unrelenting need.

Your piercing eyes watching and demanding

My surrender accepted at the calling of your voice

The silence shattered at the sound of my heart erupting,

To let go.

To give.

To please.

To finally give all of me.

Thank you Racking for your help.. Hugs