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I don't often write poems but I this is one of my better written pieces. It was written awhile back and has never been shared before.

Sitting I wonder what happened to us.
From friends to lovers and back again,
Ever repeating the cycle.

Shared conversations on every topic.
The one I trusted with everything,
Opened myself never considering the pain to come.

Feelings of love and belonging replaced.
To the one I felt I mattered,
Now a discarded piece of trash.

Tossed aside without another thought.
Tell myself I won’t let it happen again,
Yet when he calls my resolve falls away.

Let myself believe it will be different.
This time he won’t pull away,
There will be no sadness or pain.

Lies my heart tell my head.
If only it could let go and move on,
To another who it could count on.

Stupid heart falling so freely.
Giving love so easily,
To one who could not do the same.

Yet it waits forever hopeful.
Holding desperately to the belief,
One day he will give love as I do.
How long will this continue?
Time passing while my heart cracks,
I fear the day it will shatter.