An Acrostic Lover

By Eternal_Lover

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Acrostically loving my Linda
An Acrostic lover

An attempt to express my love for Linda.
First five lines tell me what “FRANK” wants to say to Linda.
Second five lines tell me what the word “LOVES” means to me.
Third five lines tell me what “LINDA” wants to say to me.
However that is not all.

Feel my heart that beats just for you darling.
Reach my arms, they urgently need cuddling.
Away from you my dear, I can not stay.
Name of yours, my mind echoes night and day.
Kindle my world, smilingly I wish to say.

Longing for each other's hugs and kisses.
Opening the door of our sweet wishes.
Vowing to be together all eternity.
Entering each other's hearts with affinity.
Satisfying each other with serenity.

Love is what she gives me every single moment.
Inside her heart I stay, where I get caring treatment.
Not a single day passes without her lips twittering how much she loves me.
Day and night she whispers, “with you I want to be.”
Always and forever, you I want to see.