An Exotic Lover

By Bunny12

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Searching for an exotic lover.
I need an exotic lover, one who quenches all my desires.
Who is so hot and salacious, no one can make me feel any higher.

One that is attentive and comes when I call.
It would even be very nice, if he was really tall.

A great big strapping man. that lets me take the lead.
Who knows just what he wants and that is to please me.

Who sends me no mixed signals of what he really wants.
And always plays it straight, so my feelings he never taunts.

When I say exotic that is exactly what I mean.
I want to take his ass and do things that are so obscene.

He can be my little slave boy and satisfy all my whims.
And be rest assured, that all my secrets I will use on him.

Sexual satisfaction no matter how deviant for us both is my goal.
Keep everything light and easy, so on our nerves there is no toll.

To have an understanding, of all that he should do.
To keep the fires burning, I’ll give him such a pleasant view.

Yes some say I’m sexy. but it’s really my attitude.
My directions will be clear, there is nothing to construe.

He must also be sexy and pleasing to my eyes.
And treat me with respect and never tell lies.

You would think all these requirements, would be so easy to meet.
But so many have tried and end up begging at my feet.

So my search continues, each and every day.
Looking for that exotic lover, who is always ready to play.

That sexy, hot, salacious man that will not fade away.