An Ode to Love and Lust

By kayeleff

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Tags: love, lust, dilemma, funny

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Just for fun, a poem about choosing the right man
I loved you from the very start
I’ll love you ‘til the end
You’ll always have a hold of my heart
You’ll always be my friend

I don’t want you throw it all away
Unless you feel you must
But I know you feel that come what may
You’ll never be able to trust

I know you think you’re not a man
‘Cause you think I’ve been untrue
But you cannot give me what he can
It’s the same for him and you

You think I’m selfish, full of greed
When I go to him and his bed
But I have this hunger I must feed
Or I may as well be dead

You’re so clever and funny and bright
You fill me with love and pride
We have something here that’s worth a fight
But you’re not that good a ride

You used to arouse me but not any more
You used to fuck me silly
To be honest, in bed, you’re a bit of a bore
And you’ve got a little willy

He’s handsome and pretty and tall and lean
But he’s dull and a little bit thick
But God he is a sex machine
With a gorgeous, big, fat dick

He knows how to please me, to make me cum
But he really thinks he’s it
He’s not very funny and a little bit dumb
But at least he can find my clit

I was worried about being left on the shelf
But the truth, as this poem explains
Is that I’m much better off by myself
With a dildo plugged into the mains