An Office Affair

By HK4167

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Tags: office, affair, forbidden

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Finally, we crossed that thin line...
Did you do something different today? 
Was it the new perfume 
Or was it the magic you casted on me 
Turning this ordinary day into extraordinary

It all started just another day in the office 
Chatting, laughing, flirting 
A warm hug, a gentle peck on your cheeks 
And a borderline dirty joke made you giggling

But there was something different about you today 
Your scent, fresh and intoxicating 
Your body, warm and alluring 
Your eyes, bright and dazzling

Before we knew it 
The hug, became passionate embrace 
The kiss, landed on your delicious lips 
The flirting, turned into lover’s whisper

Office door locked, desk swiped 
Buttons loosed, shirts ripped 
Lips sealed on each other 
Hands, caressed on the bare skin 
Eyes, burnt with desire 
Souls, indulged with lust

We paused, hesitated 
Shall we stop? You asked. 
Looking into your enticing eyes, 
Behind all the yearning and craving 
I saw fear

The anxiety for taking the path of no return 
The dread of our friendship goes sore 
The terror of losing me 
In your eyes, lingering

For weeks, months, years, 
We persuaded ourselves to be friends only 
Suppressing all that passion for each other 
Until today 
Released, erupted, exploded

Looking into your eyes 
I buried myself into you 
Inhaling your scent 
Tasting your body 
Taking your soul

Your body was hot 
Against that cold hard glass window 
I could feel all the passion, desire, lusts 
Burst into flames 
Brighten our life and souls

When we finally collapsed on the floor 
As you rest your head on my shoulder 
You asked, voice trembled, confused, lost 
So, what will we do now? 
Do you want to forget what had happened?

No, I answered 
Slowly, firmly 
With a kiss on your forehead 
Forever I have no regret