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An Old Flame Burns Still

Tags: poetry
One that would probably have been better left unwritten

I thought the fire had long ago died out. 

The heat of its flames left only in memory 

and it's ashes carried off by the winds of time 

that passed between us.

I never dared believe I might find a still living spark

where once the roaring flame had been.

The world had changed over the years 

and the hearth had grown so cold 

that surely nothing could have remained.

But last night that spark revealed itself 

and, to my amazement, found the timber still to be dry 

and receptive to its touch.

How quickly the old fire roared back to life!

Did you expect it to burn so hot once again? 

You said you did not but deep down,

was there not a part of you that sensed it could be reborn?

Part of me did, yet I never would have admitted it. 

Your life had moved on and for so long 

there was no place in it for my own selfish desires.


Secretly though, even in your pain as your life unwound,

I hoped that somehow I could be your rock. 


My thoughts drifted against my will 

and my body responded to those forbidden thoughts

just as it had so long ago.

Still, I dared not believe it possible. 

Not until I saw the spark come alive in your eyes.

So then, together, we stoked the fire 

and lay naked in its heat. 

I cannot hope to express in mere words

how it felt to once again feel your mouth upon my body

or the rapture I felt at your strength as you took me. 

Your touch was hot and urgent 

and while I want to believe your passion was for me 

I know well that it was a thing of the moment.


You needed to find release from your pain 

and that is something I can accept, even if regretfully.

So what is to come? 


Does the fire continue to burn?

You did not answer but you're silence was clear. 

Your life and it's problems leaves no place for me within it. 

There would be complications

that cannot be risked and I can accept this.

But part of me will always keep the spark safe,

for now I know that the one day 

the flames may again be allowed

to consume me in their passionate need. 

It is a day I am willing to wait for. 

I have no other choice.


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