By Alphamagus

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Tags: beauty, love, realisation

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Many years of dull regret,
were burning from my cigarette.
My heart was grey and weary.
The world seemed dull and plain.
When out the corner of my eye,
a presence started walking by.
The heavens had heard my lament,
And I would never be the same.

You walked towards me slowly,
A shroud of grace, but lowly.
When a very tiny child,
gazed in you in wonderment.
His tiny soul had recognised,
The angel, that had caught his eyes.
You turned and slowly winked at him,
and a smile you gently sent.

I knew then you were ethereal.
A soul from up there, so unreal.
Your looked to me so beautiful,
as you glided slowly by.
You stopped just past and turned around
Your jasmine scent, my nostrils found
When you looked at me serenely
And gently mouthed just "Hi."

For weeks our paths crossed often.
Your smile grew fixed, and even.
We would often stop and chat,
The conversation, I'd prolong.
For I knew that I had met,
That one person who would let,
my soul finally start breathing,
The one, pure and gentle song.

When finally you came to call.
You heard my life, my fears, my all.
Our mouths connected naturally.
Our two souls became ensnared.
Those first weeks were so amazing.
Into each others eyes were gazing,
Touches gentle, beautiful.
Our lives we gently bared.

But true love comes with complication
You told me your situation.
You had another lover.
Who made you sad, forlorn.
For he was so far away,
Though talked to you most every day.
Your feelings confused and hurt.
Your heart was sad and torn.

Each time we loved, your tears were spilt
Your soul slowly breaking with the guilt
For days after you were absent,
As you tried to work it out.
For I was causing fear, confusion.
For you knew this was no illusion.
My love for you was real
and my thoughts for you devout.

And other duties, obligations,
Your visits less, your ministrations,
Slowly getting less and less.
Though hurting I can see,
That true love is once a life.
In time I want you for my wife.
The simple truth that I have found,
Is this was meant to be.

So I'm sat here gently waiting,
Whilst your head is contemplating,
The future of your heart,
The competition for your soul.
But darling, please do not mistake,
This stance I feel I have to take.
My love for you is pure, is real.
You're my life, my heart, my whole.

I'll wait here for eternity,
If I knew that there could be,
Any tiny chance,
that we could be as one.
For you're my destiny and fate.
The path I know that I must take.
For Linda there is no other.
This race is finally run.