Angel in Your Hands

By LatinSugar

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Tags: angel, whispers, passion

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Hands that Hold with Freedom by Choice
Your hands dressed me this morning
They ran the terrain of my body as
My shivers created moans of deep pleasure

Sighs arose from my vibrating throat
Quivers overtook my very soul, breathing heavy,
Moisture flowed at the touch of your hands

Your hands strong, firm, gentle, wanting to hold
The hands of the man who possesses my wings
I remain free yet return, always as you desire
Wings that spread and soar across the sky with grace

Wings no longer tainted with sorrow
These are the wings that take me to you
As I sit carefree, safe upon the lap of my Love
My favorite place to be after your hands
Paint images with the slightest touch
Upon my skin until it quivers and trembles
As you hold me close to your heart

Your Angel's wings spread wide this morning
As your touch has given her flight, a breath of air
Lifted her far above the ground and took her away

Sit very still and listen to my swift words
Across the Ocean and find their way to your Soul
Whispers of Passion and Desire to please
The hands of the One who knows the real me

Only you, Mi Amor, my Love