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A statement of principle for love and lust
I am a person of substance

A woman with character

So what I seek is the same

A man with principles

Who is authentic, not a player

With the same sensibility

One who is capable of love 

As well as lust and passion 

I am not a quick shag

Not a temporary solution 

To a long term problem

Not a fungible receptacle for you

To use and discard for the next in line

Another crude female lollipop

A woman who is not disposable 

There is so much more to me

And the man for me wants and needs that

He makes me indispensable

As a friend, a partner, a lover

And sometimes, an inspiration

So what I want and need is 

A man of strength and intelligence

Humour, and yes, desire and sensuality

There are not a lot of them

But I have found him

Lucky me 

Lucky him

Lucky us