Autumn Leaves

By Bunny12

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Tags: Autumn, Leaves, Loss, Seasons

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As the seasons change I think of you.
Has it really been this long so much time as passed?
Thoughts swirling around in my mind like the leaves in the wind.
Those colorful autumn leaves will never look the same to me.
When I see them your face is all I will see.

A melancholy ach spreading through everything.
A spark of joy for the rare discovery made.
A stab of pain for the loss of the desired.
Crisp and cool like the morning air.
A hunger still deep inside because you are not here.

This new season is approaching.
Full of mystery and the unknown.
That beauty was brief and fleeting.
Soon all the colorful leaves will blow away.
Like the precious soul I found that was not to stay.

Always changing the seasons will.
Bringing a new landscape to the world.
Hope and love still prevails.
Come back with those leaves.
You will find it here.