Baby steps

By Nordic_Pixie

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Tags: heartache, broken, sadness, friends, support, hope

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Maybe one day...
Lost and broken
On the floor,
Not knowing where to go,
Where to turn,
How to breathe.

Friends gathering,
Showing support and concern,
Giving space, yet staying near,
Ready to lend a hand
When I feel ready
To get up and take a deep breath,
Move on.

Working on finding a place
Where pain is not the only feeling,
Somewhere each step
Will be a bit easier to take.
Slowly looking for a smile again,
Searching for the girl I used to be,
Before him.

I have no idea
What the future will bring,
How to find my footing,
Yet trying to be hopeful
That once again, somehow,
Life will be filled
With joy.