Bare-Butt Buttocks Burning Bright


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Spanking new version of a William Blake classic

Was her buttocks lewdly shown
O'er a knee, her thong pulled down?
They saw a gorgeous brace of buns.
How smooth her shaven Venus Mons!
Her nether garment was slipped off
Past her jeans which she did slough.
Naked now from waist to toe
Oh how her bare butt soon will glow.
In eagerness her hips do arch
Waiting for the stinging touch. 
For leather belt or open palm
Her raging lust alone can calm.
As 'tween her thighs she doth grow wet,
She craves the feeling she will get
When flesh meets flesh with thunderous clap.
Her pussy moistens with every slap.
First the palm and then the brush
At last the strap to make her flush.
Pounding on her buttock cheeks
Her butt turns red, her pussy reeks!
So turned on, this naughty Miss
Whose eyes do shine in utter bliss.
Her butt is red and oh so sore;
Still this spank-slut cries for more!
And what wondrous, sexy art
Caused her lusting legs to part? 
This girl splayed o'er some man's knee,
Did he who made thee come spank thee?

See her buttocks burning bright
Filling her with sheer delight
And her soul with heartfelt thanks
For the guys who give her spanks.