Beach Freckles

By LauraLee_sugah

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Tags: sex, love, sand, sea

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be with me in the sea.... love me there....

The sky blue air is clear and cloudless

and the day is like no other.

You have left me on the beach

where we shared


and breath

and the very essence of life.

I watch as you leave a trail in the sand.

Your ass is an object of male beauty.

Suddenly I giggle

and roll to cover my body

in the moist warmth

of our loving nest.

Grains of sand make

beach freckles

and their own sensual texture

over my skin.

Knees bent, eyes gazing upward,

my heart flies to the thin air of that blue sky

where my heart is free to love you.

You return and kneel at my feet,

not to worship but to smile

at the freckled parts.

I feel your hand on my ankle

and your mouth on my wetness.

Beach freckles transferring

to your cheeks as you

give me heaven.

We rise and run into the surf

laughing joyfully.

You lift me against your hard body

and I wrap my legs tightly around you.

Your cock does not wait to enter me.

It is beyond your control.

My pussy calls to be






We let the water support and caress

as we love one another.

The beach freckles

washed away.

The memories recorded

on my skin

and my heart.