Beauty of Tori

By olitzh

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If only you could see my beloved
You would perceive my joys
If only you could witness my mate
You would see the personification of beauty
If only you could watch us for one hour
You would feel me melting inside
As I love and love my lady

Her brown hair is parted in the middle
And it flows down past her shoulders
Her green eyes are filled with love
A love for me that seems eternal
The sweet lips on her mouth
Whisper my name, Enosh
And then she has me for the night

Her bosom is a heaven
Olive in color
Lovely & Inviting
Soft & Delicate

Her slender hands hold onto mine
As my eyes adore her flawless breasts
Which are ornamented
With fine round areolas
With nice thick nipples

As she sits on the bed
And I am on the floor
Lost in the scene of her bosom
She has a lovely smile
And it invites me to taste her nipples

Worshiping them with my lips and tongue
Tori's fingers gently caress
My neck and my cheeks
While I am content with her bosom

Between her smooth thighs
Are the lovely gates
To an abyss of pink rose
Wherein are a thousands joys

But tonight I am not concerned
With entering that place
All what I want is to adore Tori
And cuddle so close with her

In each other's arms
And bodies together
I merge into my beautiful mate
So one pointed
Everything else vanishes
O how much I love her
How much I love her...