By Soleillalune

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Tags: love, desire, need, long distance

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The truest heart I've ever known 

He is mine to keep

The secrets shared both night and day

He tells me everything

The pain of love not yet complete

He tells me it will be

The rantings of my wild mind

He listens patiently

The jokes and giggles that we play

He laughs and tickles me

The questions and the fears

He answers tenderly

The words of love, they always flow

He cares so ardently

The days of sad and lonely tears

He kisses every weep

The kiss we've both waited for 

His tongue probes fervently

The sweetest love I lay upon 

He puts inside me deep

The touch demands and takes it all

He is a hungry beast

The love we treasure fills us both

He promises eternally 

The need grows stronger everyday

He says it's destiny

He said these words to me

And in his love, I believe