Better...Because of You

By magnificent1rascal

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Tags: confidence, happiness, love, gratitude

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May everyone have someone who is an inspiration, be that person for someone else, or both.

Because of you, in so many ways —
I am stronger...I am better.
No longer am I weak and tethered;
Your acquaintance released my fetter.


Your quick wit makes me laugh;
...I am happier.

Your unfailing support bolsters me;
...I am more confident.

Your gentle advice nudges me;
...I am more productive.

Your unerring perception enlightens me;
...I am healthier.

Your faithful love empowers me;
...I am more trusting.

Your quiet encouragement ameliorates me;
...I am more patient.


Better than you? Ridiculous,
Absurd, and patently untrue.
Indisputable, however, is that
I am a better me...because of you.