Birthday Bath

By Navin

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A wonderful way to end a birthday celebration.

The tub faucet drips slowly and steadily
as steam fills the room.
The room’s only light is one candle
for every year of your birth.

Your back lies comfortably against my chest.
Our breathing is relaxed and deep.
Your eyes are closed as I watch
a bead of perspiration trickle off your shoulder
and down your back.

I kiss the bead and begin nuzzling your shoulder.
Your eyes open gently and you turn your head.
We smile at each other and kiss tenderly.

Suddenly you turn.
We are face to face.
Chest to chest.
You reach between us a find my hard member.
I gasp and begin to moan.

You rub me against your pussy.
You are so soft and velvety.
My cock slides into you and we slowly
move to deeper penetration.

Our mouths meet and our tongues tangle.
Grinding deep inside you.
Caressing your lower back.
Pulling you deeper and deeper.

Looking into your eyes and not
believing my good fortune in being
with a sexy woman like you.

The water begins to splash against
the sides of the tub
dousing some of the flickering candles.
We are in near darkness.

There is only the sounds of our
rapid breathing and of the water hitting the floor.
And then, you gasp as my cock hits your special spot
again and again.

One final deep thrust. Grinding deep.
Your arms wrapped around me so tight.
Your fingernails raking my back.
We cum together. Waves of water and orgasm crashing.

You lay your head on my shoulder.
Both of us smiling and content.
Happy birthday, baby.