Bitten By Lust

By CallMeMissD

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Tags: pleasure and pain, BDSM

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Love Bites
My warm breath touches your skin first,
Hot, moist.
Then my soft full lips press against your neck,
Firmly kissing the throbbing vein just under the skin.
I lick your skin,
Love your taste.
Licking you with a flat, broad tongue.
Savoring the taste of you.
The tip of my stiff tongue, tracing the skin beneath your collar,
My collar for you.
My nail scraping your nipple. Over and over,
Your excitement fuels mine and I love it.
Scraping your nipple,
Licking your neck. So good.
My teeth graze your skin lightly,
Then harder.
I open my mouth wide pressing my teeth into your neck,
Nail scraping your nipple until it welts.
You are moaning, panting, so turned on,
My teeth press harder.
I bite.
My teeth breaks the skin,
Without touch you cum.
I suck your neck,
The blood welling in the bite.
Sucking you hard.
Lips tight against your neck.
You moan and your cock pulses,
Your cumming so hard.
Sucking the bite. Licking the wound. Probing the teeth marks. Bitten by lust.