By ShyVixen

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Tags: new hope, longing, fantasy

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Awakened from darkness, happiness still out of reach
I would like to thank HK for his insightful words of wisdom and more importantly his friendship.

Like a dream it was something beyond me, breaking my barriers
Escaping the binds that hold me

I was numb and lonely, waiting for you
Empty days, longing to be filled

Struggling to break the surface,
My heart could barely breathe
Aching to give myself openly

Once in the dark, now awake
It's you that I've dreamed of since that day

Turning the page, it's a new chapter
Opening my eyes, I see a bright future

Moving out of the shadows of doubt,
A distant light draws me near
Casting away all my fears

A connection deepens,
I'm lost in your words
Expressions of lust hard to ignore

A feeling overwhelmed my soul,
Thoughts escaped me
Opening my mind to endless possibilities

Pleasure and certainty, exhilarate my mind
The sweet taste of desire
Pure and defined

Drowning in waves of emotion,
I surrender my senses through and through
The craving of everlasting passion with you

Better than a memory, sweeter than a dream,
A bittersweet fantasy