Blown Away

By John_Doe

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Tags: poem, love, blowjob, suck, lick, cum, swallow

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A poem about receiving a blowjob from a beautiful girl!

It all began with a kiss, two sensual lips that touch
Soft, wet, and gentle upon first meet
Your face I hold, my hands caress
Brushing your hair away, to reveal those eyes so blue

Your vision upon me, not looking with disgust
That smile upon your face, assurance of trust
Lead to the bedroom, my hand pulled by yours
As we lay upon the sheets, our hands exploring each other's bodies

Your lips on my neck, my chest, working your way down to below
The rise of my manhood, arousement of your connection upon my skin
My clothes slowly removed, my heart beats twice as fast
That anxious feeling within, of what may come next

Your hands, gentle, softly work back and forth up my thighs
Sending electricity building, to the tower that rises high in the sky
Your tongue, working wonders, kissing, licking upon my balls you caress
Slithering your way up, across the shaft of my erection

To reach the tip of the tower, swollen and a shining beacon so bright
That flick of your tongue just under the surface, making me shake inside
No control over it's actions, dancing around upon it's stage it stands
Grasped gently in your fingers, and stroking softly up and down

The rhythm of my heart, accompanied by deep heavy breathes
Watching from above, as it slowly disappears
Into a warm, wet, mouth so fine, my first feeling within
A groan from my broken lips, biting hard not to scream

Suck, lick and enjoy, the taste of my body slipped inside your mouth
Your hand continues it's work, sliding up and down to accompany the delight
Eyes stare up towards my face, sensual and full of joy expressed
Sound of wetness being expressed, slurping and sloppy mouth I explore

That shake of my legs, that blood pumping through it's veins
Your aware what is coming, that volcanic eruption about to blow
Still, kept tight inside, as I scream finally and explode
Cumming inside, shooting down your throat, accepting it without hesitation or denial

Aftershocks, gentle shakes of my body, my legs quivering at your side
Rising and allowing my body free, wet, and coming to rest outside
White drops of cum, dripping from your lips so fine
Swallowing it all, that enjoyment of cum inside