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It's time for plain talk
Four years of pretty words,
Time spent writing poems, songs, stories,
Singing for you on your voicemail,
Flowers at your door,
And saying “I love you” even when you
Piss me off.

Enough. Full stop.
The time for originality and creativity is over.
Romance and ribbons and bows, please,
Take a back seat.

I need to be blunt.
Fucking blunt.

I want to fuck you.
Now. Soon. Anytime I can get you,
I want to fuck you.
I need to fuck you.

My balls are as blue as a crisp, winter sky…
Fuck it. Flowery language, poetic descriptions,
They seem to creep into things, I cannot help it,
I have no need or desire for that kind of verbosity.
I need to be blunt. Direct. Clear. Fucking clear.

I have to fuck you.

Memory number one.

A drive back from a day trip,
A warm night, already past 10:00 p.m. and
It is pitch black outside.
You’ve been playing with my cock
Through my pants for about an hour,
And I am so fucking hard,
And pre-cum is leaking through my pants.
See the stain?
Take my fucking cock out of my pants already,
And jack me off until I cum.
If you can touch me for an hour through my pants,
You can jack me off.
I pull over into a school driveway, parking in the darkness
Beside the building, about 150 feet from the roadway.
I get out, come over to your side, pull you out of the car,
I bend you over onto your seat and pull your pants and panties
My cock is out and I fuck you from behind,
And you cum within seconds and then I shoot my load
Into your warm, wet pussy.
Best scene in the movie?
Your ass presenting to me, with my cock inside of you,
Watching your ass shake and jiggle as I thrust repeatedly into your

I have to fuck you.

My cock is hard every night,
My balls are fucking full and need to
Unload. To be unloaded.
Yes, I am horny.
Yes, I am tired of jacking off, all alone.

Memory number two.

Sitting on the floor, fixing your computer,
Naked because we have just fucked.
It started with you being coy,
Having me take off my shirt to give me a massage,
But I did not want that stinky oil all over my clothes.
So I took off my pants.
Lying face down on your bed, with your hands
Rubbing my back and then my legs,
My cock was so damn hard and jabbing into your mattress,
I rolled over to give it some relief,
And my cock made that proverbial tent in my
Briefs. There. See it?
Tentative? Grab the fucking thing already.
You know you will eventually. Just do it.
Briefs are lowered and your lips
Surround my cock.
Blow job. Check.
Rim job. Check.
Take off your panties and mount me. Check.
Fucking tiny but amazing tits bouncing in front of me.

I want to fuck you.

Not some day.
Not when things are different.
Now. Today? Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the weekend.
But soon.
Yes, I am very horny.
Yes, my cock is incredibly hard just thinking about it.
About fucking you.

Thinking about your perfect pussy.
Lips not too floppy and flappy, but just right.
Your clit. Easy to find. Easy to suck and lick.
Your ass. Always impeccable. Full but not too full.
That little brown hole,
I love my tongue circling your anus.
I love the taste of you.
I love the texture of your skin, everywhere.
Your tits. Small. Hard, prominent nipples. The flesh not too firm,
Pliant and delicious.
Jokes about you being flat-chested, but damn,
I have never loved tits the way I love yours.

I have to fuck you.
I’ll even beg. I am not proud.

I want to fuck you.

Blow job. Sure. Hand job. No problem.
Whatever which way you want to play with my cock,
I am fine with it.
Let me finger you. In the car.
In your foyer.
In your bed.
In a store.
Under the table at a restaurant.

Wherever. Whenever.
I just love to make you cum.
I love to feel how wet and squishy you get
When I finger you.
I love to taste you on my fingers.
I love to watch as you taste yourself from my fingers.
Anyway. Anyhow.

I want to fuck you.

I want my cock to split you wide open as I
Pound into you.

As I
Thrust into you.
As I feel the walls of your pussy
Engulf me and massage my cock.

You won’t let me fuck you in the ass, will you?
But let me lick you. Please?
Rim you. Pretty please?
Stick my tongue in your ass and
Taste you. Oh fuck, damn let me do it!
You finger me in the ass,
So why can’t I do it to you?

No talk.
No debate.
None of the ifs, and buts and why and why not.
No talk.
Enough of the words.

Get naked and let me fuck you.
Or fuck me.
I’ll lie there, and then please, go ahead,
Use me as your toy.
Mount me. Ride me.
Use me whatever way you want.

Kink? You want kink?
You want to piss on me?
Shit on me?
Tie me up?
Be tied up?
Clothes pins?
Hot wax?
Fuck me in the ass with a huge dildo?
Say it. Say that you want to be kinky.
Say that you are depraved. It won’t scare me.
Just do it. No more words.
Just do it.

Fuck me. Fuck me now.

Is that being too blunt?
You prefer the words? The poetry?
The romance?


You have a potty mouth. You are just as horny as me.
Maybe more.
You can talk a blue streak, hold your own with the best of them.
Rough? You can fuck me as rough as anyone.
No prim and proper ballerina doing a pirouette,
But an animal in the jungle,
Pouncing on its prey.

Eat me. Rip me to shreds. Devour me. Drain me.
Stroke me. Suck me.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
Fuck me now.
Don’t wait another minute.
Now. Do you hear me? Now!

No threats. Not from me.
But if we don’t fuck each other,
And if it isn’t soon,
I’m going back to the poetry,
To the romance,
To the flowers and to the “I love you” and to
The metaphors and images.
If we don’t fuck soon,
I will tell you that I love you,
And my language will be pretty
And it will be flowery.
And I will keep telling you that
I love you.
I won’t ever stop.

And you know where that will lead.

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