Brain vs. Heart

By unicorn92

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Tags: love, protection, heart, holdingback

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The brain always tries to stop the heart from talking... well, at least for me...
My Brain,
Drives me insane.
My heart,
Well that is a work of art.

The two never feel the same.
Never agree,
It's a tied game.
The brain always trying to tame.

The heart runs free,
Brain says,
"Don't hurt me!"
Heart says,
"I don't give a care."

The brain is protecting,
Setting up walls.
The heart tries escaping,
But it's just too small.

The heart finds a way,
Cause it needs to say,
What the brain holds,
Because Brain is not bold.

It's constant war,
With headaches,
I'm sore,
Trying to keep from heartache.

To be or not,
Brain has been shot.
The heart holds the gun,
The Brain is finished,
The battle is won.