Breaking Down The Door

By DarkSide

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Tags: masturbation, mind-games

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Her mind takes over - it's not her orgasm any more!
Breaking Down The Door

 Fuck I'm wet, I'm in a sweat
My heart is racing
Pounding at the door that I know
Is about to open wide
My breath is harsh as I grunt and groan
I sometimes hold it as I pause...
Then release it in tiny gasps of raw pleasure
That spills into the quiet air

My mind is fighting my body
I want it to last but lust has taken over
My mind is now in control of these raging sensations
That invade and twist at my body
I jerk and jump with every touch
As I prolong the agony of this sensual lust
It started out loving, gentle, nice
Slight touches here and there of the kind that I like

Then nipples were tweaked and pulled into the air
And released in combination with
Raw pulsing jerks of pleasure between my thighs
Letting me know that my nipples were no longer enough
As my nipples stick out into the cold air
I wish I could suck on them, I wish anyone could suck on them
I realise that my mind has started to twist my intentions
And I hear the words "Oh Fuck" form in my head

My hand deliberately snakes down between my thighs
My mind starts to manipulate me as loving becomes lust
My mouth forms into a wry grin that I know
Is fuelled by my lasciviousness and the stream of lustful thoughts
I only touched my pussy briefly
Sexily, with just one extended finger
That slid along the wetness and revelled in the smoothness
Caressing my slit and hovering over my delicious bud

In that split second my mind played the video
Me, pressed against the door, a cock parting my thighs
Me, sighing as the cock pushes itself inside
Me, fucked wantonly. It was depraved and raw and I fuelled it all
My mind has twisted everything I started...
My fingers now invade me like the cock that should
I finger fuck myself as my heart pounds
The door is breaking down...I'm actually breaking it down

Long drawn out groans and gasps leave my mouth
I see the cock pound into me in one last time
My helplessness is pressed against the door
As a hand, my own hand, pulls on my nipple in earnest
Words flow from within me, dirty words, filthy words
"Fuck me!", "Fuck me!", I scream at the door
My fingers thrust harder and faster into my cunt
The sensations are driving me through the door as my eyes close tight

Harder and harder I finger fuck myself and in an instant
I pull out and effortlessly rub my clit with my whole hand
I tweak my nipple in desparation
My heart is thumping like never before
Finally the door collpases...
Everything flows out of me
Words, sensations, feelings, emotion, lust and relief
They all leave me as pleasure washes over my convulsing body

My body grasps my hand firmly, engulfing it, loving it
Voices tell me that it was what I really wanted
My body rocks to and fro, my eyes closed tight
I moan gently into the cold room
It has been too long...
That door..
Should never have been shut...
For so long.