Can You Take Me Higher

By ShyVixen

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Tags: need, want, aching, boundaries, pleasure, rough, fucking

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Give me what I need, take me over the edge
A special shout out to Mazza, thanks for helping me get my wicked thoughts out there, you saucy fucking minx!

And to the one who fuels my wicked thoughts and feeds my desires, this is for you. xoxo

Can you take me higher?

Take off my panties and bend me over, spread my legs until they go no further.

Explore my body with eager hands and hear my sighs, as you finger the dampness between my thighs.

Trace my slit with your tongue, lips wrapped around my clit, my passion aroused as you have your way, god, that's it!

Tenderly probing inside me to taste, I'm becoming more aroused, I'm no longer chaste.

Plunging two fingers into my dripping cunt, feel my clit grow, pumping in and out.

You know how to excite me and just what to do. Look how my legs quiver, aching for you.

Rolling my nipples between your fingers, flicking, sucking with your mouth as it lingers.

Take me higher, pull me closer and find what you seek, as you push your fingers in and gently part my cheeks.

Hands on my hips nice and steady, guiding your cock to the perfect spot, you ask if I'm ready.

Yes baby, I'm ready, give me all you've got. My Vixen's out, you've unleashed her, Shy girl's here to watch.

Take me higher than I've ever been before, fuck me tonight, I want to be your filthy whore.

My body screams, my pussy aches, as you probe with fingertips, delving into my dripping lips.

Encased around your shaft, as I ride you like a rough wave, with you thrusting deep inside my aching, soaking cave.

Higher still, you know what I need and that is you, tearing into me, filling me with your seed.

Thrusting full force, sawing inside, pumping and fucking, it's the ultimate ride.

Nice and deep, I feel your cock. Don't hold back; use me harder, I like it like that.

Take control of my pussy, tell me what you need, make me beg, tease me until you hear me plead.

Break all my boundaries until I am weak, fuck me any way you please, feel my pussy leak.

Hands buried in my hair, throwing myself back against your hard cock, wanting, needing every last fucking drop.

My hips are grinding, as I fuck you back. Mouth gaping, eyes squeezed shut, give my ass a light whack.

Hands high above my head, blindfold tied round, hot candle wax drips on my smooth, shaven mound.

Push me, pull me, fuck me, fill me, use me until I am done. Then fill every cavity with your precious come.

My wicked secret, my heart's desire, my deepest fulfillment, with every ounce of my being I ask, "Can you take me higher?"