Chat Across the Pond

By CeliaisAliena

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Tags: cyber, flirting, humor, lesbian, submission

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Birds cyber singing across the blue pond
(for Sisters, in scholarly seclusion)

* * * * * * *
Rock chicks rub off on you. Punks, goths, ravers,
Even tweecore wallflowers sipping tea
(that’s me). Kettle whistles, I do too. Hers

Replies. Yay! Glad I’ve set the second pot
Out. How are things? Henry VIII predates
Tyrants today for show trials, the sot--

And the Gunpowder Plot? Ha, what a geek
Am I, rehashing dirty deeds of old?
What better to speak of though? I’ll not seek

To deny the charge. But what other fires
Are lit? Creative writing? Well, we’ll see!
It’s bad luck to promise samples. Buyers

Are wanting, any way. And your thesis?
No no, we shan’t distract you from labor,
Moody historian, you! Would Livy’s

Brow cast such a frown? Or get penciled black?
Or tread the retired spires in platform heels?
The dons must think themselves under attack

When they hear all your disaffected spiel!
Yes, I look forward to hearing it too.
And those lovers hooking up in the loo--

Oh, I’m breaking scheme. Must be some old dream
Caught my mind in the wire of its net. Bet
You can’t wait to write more of those. We’ll cream

When you do. I’m being a drama queen,
Just a bit, but I can’t help it. I found
Porn! It gives my eyes a hungry and lean

Look. Sorry, I’m being a fool. A tool.
Drool. Silly. And how are you? I’ll resume
Making sense instantly. Perhaps you’ll school

Me in better manners-- how? SMACK! What? POW!
No, no!! Miss-- Mistress? Woe is me! Alack,
How did I land myself here? Yes, miss. Meow.