Close To Me

By Mazza

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Tags: masturbation, missing him, bed, sex, thoughts, imagination, weight, breasts, nipples, distance

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Distance means nothing

I lie in the dark, thinking of him and calling forth his handsome face,

Remembering the way his eyes smoulder as he looks into mine

And how that smile lifts his lips and changes his expression.

I bite my lip and he’s suddenly serious, drawing in his breath.


My body warm, under bed covers, I smooth my palms over my belly,

Hugging, stroking and touching, just the way that he does.

My skin turns to gooseflesh, my hands become his hands

And I linger over my hips, fingers feathering, palms pressing.


My lips open, gasping as I recall the feel of his lips and tongue,

The way he gently invades my mouth, pulls my lip with his teeth.

My hands move as his, cupping a breast, stroking my nipple and

I inhale sharply, feeling it rise between fingertip and thumb.


In my mind, his weight presses me down and my legs shift

To accommodate him. I feel his body against me, on top of me.

With fingers at my mound, I explore and ready myself,

Preparing for him to take me, fill me, fuck me, consume me.


His mouth is on mine and I feel him at my sex, hard and eager,

Beginning to probe and push, opening me, entering me.

Then he takes me in one firm thrust. My fingers dance at my bud,

Imagining, remembering the shape of him inside me, filling me.


Faster and firmer, digits exciting my flesh, stroking and rubbing,

I think of how he possesses me as he has me, for I am his and

He is mine. His need just as great, his desire as powerful,

Completing the other in a fleshy alloy of physical unity.


Body shaking and mouth agape, my hips rise to meet his.

My climax takes over. I see his face, feel the heat as

He finally completes us, filling me with his seed and then

He falls onto me, whispering and devouring me with kisses.


Sighing, I tug down his shirt and pull the covers around me.

I’m still alone in bed, yet I sense his presence, feel his chest

Against my back as he wraps those strong arms around me.

With his kisses on my neck and his scent in my nose, I fall asleep...

... Smiling.