Close to me

By Saga

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My eyes closed as I feel your touch,
Your fingertips tracing my spine,
I sigh contently as I hear your soft voice,
Telling me how beautiful I am.

You speak to my soul and heart;
You make me believe what you say.
I never doubt, I feel your words,
And your truth behind them.

I wish I could see what you see
When you look at me.
What is it that you see, that I can’t?
You see something no one else does.

You just want to hold me,
To feel my warmth and softness,
To kiss my skin and inhale my scent,
To finally be able to taste my lips.

You don’t ask anything of me,
Just to be myself.
You want what I am,
Not demanding someone I am not.

You are gentle and tender,
So pure and uncomplicated.
You tell me what you feel,
And don’t hide from what you want.

You want to sleep next to me,
To feel my heat against your body.
To hold my hand as we drift off to sleep.
All you want is to be close to me.