Cloud Nine Becomes Cloud One

By unicorn92

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Tags: love, lost, heartbreak, broken, alone

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Cloud nine is no fun,
Where there is no sun,
It's a cold, dark place.

It's below freezing,
I'm a block of ice,
What you said,
Didn't feel too nice.

I'm now alone,
On cloud nine,
But if you ask,
I'll say I'm fine.

I feel trapped,
Like a mime,
No words come out,
This is far from sublime.

I love you,
But things aren't fine,
High above,
On cloud nine.

What if I take one wrong step?
I could fall,
I may lose you,
I'd lose it all.

I'd lose my smile,
I'd lose my laughter,
I needed this to last,
My happily ever after.

Please just stay,
Talk to me,
I love you I promise,
You will see.

Remember you said,
You love me too?
But I sit alone on cloud nine,
With thoughts feeling blue.

It's too late,
Cloud nine has become one,
What a lonely number,
More lonely than none.