Cold And Dry

By Bunny12

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It’s that empty place inside; from it I always try to hide.

But it follows me around; to my mind it’s tied and bound.

My heart bleeds like it has been stabbed; sweet memories are now stained with sadness.

Left not knowing what to do or why; hopelessness I’ve got no will to try.

You are not who I thought you were; but I don’t know, I haven’t heard.

Incomplete and left to wonder; all the plans we had are they thrown asunder?

I bounce between love and hate; how much longer can I wait?

I really thought you were the one; now I’m not having any fun.

Tormented by a memory; of you wanting everything I need.

You disappeared in a puff of smoke; I am astonished, is this a joke?

Why won't you return my call; after daily contact you ditch it all?

I feel alone and so deceived; I'm not sure, did you really leave?

Do you still have that dream about me; trussing you up tight in my corset so you can hardly breathe?

Bend you right over and take you there; beyond the sex we had, do you even care? 

How could someone I thought was as sweet as can be; turn without notice and be so cruel to me?

My search is over, I feel I’m done; from my needs I will just run.

Bottle them up and throw them away; never to see the light of day.

Just a sweet memory that has come undone; turned into the thing I now must shun.

Put up cold and left hung out to dry; all I can do is sit here and wonder why?

It would be so much easier to let go; if you returned my possessions and eased my woes.

Will I ever talk to you again, who the hell knows if you’re still my friend?

Left with nothing but questions and angst; for all I gave you, is there no thanks?

Guess there is no point in wondering why; I’m switching to girls and giving up guys.