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Conquering the Great Divide

Reflecting on what is and what is yet to be…
Divide: to separate
To part from something else
To cut off or keep apart
To disconnect, end

These are not endearing words
They actually sound punishing, even harsh.
They don’t bring unity,
Rather they allude to just the opposite.

Yet sometimes a divide is needed.
How else would you recognize the glory of adjacent mountains
Unless there was a separation between the two granite monuments?
It is the divide that enables you see each beauty on their own...

Consider the more obvious:
Like dishing out bowls of mint chip ice cream or
The joy of sharing your rich inheritance with your siblings.
You see, to divide isn’t all bad.

So here, I can spin a tale and give an analogy
That tries to make this, our separation,
Into something that is beautiful,
Just trying to embrace the silver lining of it all.

Yet try as I might
This is all I can come up with
To help ease my mind, to try to reduce the pain,
To help make this excruciating season somewhat tolerable.

The truth is that this divide, this separation of you from me,
Holds no beauty whatsoever.
There is no joy in observing a season like this.
In reality, being separated from you is sheer and unadulterated torture.

You see I’ve found that the best of me is when
My very life is completely intertwined in yours.
When you’re gone it seems that even the sun isn’t very illuminating,
Food isn’t nearly as delicious and days just drag into weeks.

When I’m apart from you my heart isn’t the same.
It’s as if it’s skipping a beat or isn’t getting the needed blood flow.
My chest constricts and my breathing is shallow.
It’s like I’m but half alive.

When we are separated the connection is less than ideal,
At least not in a way that is most satisfying to us.
It’s an unending longing where we relentlessly yearn for one another,
Either in the endless hours of the day, or as darkness envelops the night.

Here’s the good news: There is an end in sight.
Alas, soon this long dreary season will end.
There’ll be no more separation of hands and lips,
Of hearts and bodies and minds.

For there is a day coming when the divide
Will no longer be defined by months or weeks or even days.
I will awake with you and I’ll be the man who kisses you goodnight.
Every day will begin and end with you...

“I’m running to the market,” you’ll say, “Be right back.”
Then I say to myself...not on my watch!
I run to catch you, racing you to the car and open the door for my beloved.
Your returned sweet, sassy smile and beautiful green eyes just melts my heart.

“What are you doing?” you ask as I direct you to move on over as I buckle you in.
I sit down, lean into you and begin to kiss your tasty lips.
My tongue slides deep into your mouth as I grab the back of your neck.
Soon I pull back, start the engine and say, “Fuck it, the divide is over!”

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