Courtesan Haiku

By CumGirl

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Tags: courtesan, haiku, instructons, mistress, dominance, submission, orgasm, control

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An special gift for MY delicious courtesan
Courtesan Haiku

Blushingly reading
MY courtesan perfected
Eyes disbelieving

Especial for you
Cocoa wrapped pinkness seeps
Palpitations start

Adorable me
Gifting pretty Instructions
Haiku pleasured you

Eyelashes flicker
Swollen dampened lip bitten
Delightful panting

Throbbing nipples tight
Beautiful bruised breasts heaving
Burning lungs airless

Spasm courtesan!
MY perfect obedient
Fabulous fucktoy

Are you as I wish?
Vulva sheened, pleasure pooling
Labia dripping

Beaded juices hang
Stiff clit throbbing, cum wet thighs
Damp stinging welts burn

MY OWNED courtesan
Gasping, moaning, begging, MINE
Squeeze! Hips rocking. Clench!

Gorgeously COLLARED
Intense heat, pulsing endless
Sodden, needy flesh

Lost and spiralling
Your captive mind overwhelmed
Aching to obey

“Wicked Mistress, Please”
Beauteous full lips form words
“May I cum for you?”

CUM, my courtesan
CUM, soaking pussy sobbing
CUM, wondrously used

Such a delight; such a pleasure; and do tell your adorably wicked Mistress what a good little courtesan you have been.