Cum Enthusiast

By Callisto

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Tags: cum, blowjob, swallowing, humor, cumslut

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Cum Enthusiast is my name
I'm sure you can guess why
I'll guarantee you one thing
The name is no lie

I'll rock your cock
Like no one else can
And when I'm done
You'll be my biggest fan

Hearing your moans
As you slide all the way in
Fucking my face
Will definitely be a win-win

You can have me on my back
Or even on my knees
It makes no difference to me
Since I aim to please

My lips wrapped around your cock
While looking up at you
I'll give you a wink
Since I know you're enjoying the view

Begging for your cum
So I can swallow every last drop
Sucking you harder
You won't want me to stop

You'll like my style
You'll love my skill
Give me your cum
So I can have my fill

And when I'm done
I'll definitely thank you
Cum is my weakness
But I'm sure you already knew

What can I say
I love to swallow
So I'll suck your cock
Like there's no tomorrow

So now you see
Why I have this name
It fits me perfectly
I'm sure you'll feel the same