Cyranose too much for his own good


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Lines on lines invite more than lines

Would you dare play Cyrano
To a cyberotic Roxanne?
As words alone between us flow,
Stir lust like love letters can.
Your faults are hid behind a bush.
You're false but still command
My heart to beat, my cheek to flush;
Folly's fervent fire you've fanned.
I sent messages, goodness knows,
I'd better sense, you'd think.
My lusty scents from them arose
Like perfumed pages’ ink.
Can sex scent the ether net ride
Like spirits in the wind?
For my wanton words I did not hide;
With lusting lines I sinned.
Like a wanton Eve, I bared all
And the serpent I embraced.
I heard your lonely love/lust call
T'was anything but chaste.
And so these lines I spread wide
As you would have my loins.
Think me then as by your side
Our thoughts at least conjoin.