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dark spade

A poem about heartbreak, and what the heart may feel about someone that ends up stabbing it...
Do I take a step forward?
Or two steps back?
Leaving you in the dust,
Was that going ahead?
I thought it was good,
But now I'm unsure,
Lost and confused,
My heart abused.

My brain cannot think,
So I rely on ink,
To get this all out of my head,
So maybe one of these days,
I can think again.

All that you've done
It can't be reversed,
It's not a rehearsal,
Of a Broadway play.
For this ends no better,
Than the famous tale,
Of Romeo and Juliet.

You held my heart,
With your clinging hands,
You let it go,
She made you stray,
As I begged you to stay,
You slammed the door,
Leaving me crying upon the floor.

This cannot be saved,
Love hurts,
Be brave,
My heart will go on,
And beat again.
But it won't be for you.

In this armor,
I'll fight this war,
An uphill battle,
Away from you.
Away from torture.
Away from heartbreak.
You hid that you love me,
But now it's too late.

No rewind button,
No time machine.
Just two hearts,
And a bunch of cards.
The ace of spades,
Threw it's blade,
Though my queen of hearts.

But the two of diamonds,
It shined so bright,
The weaker card has won the fight,
It put out all your darker cards,
And now we throw out in the yard,
Boxes of memories,
Torn out of my hands.
This is goodbye,
Can't make amends.

I thought I loved,
But my heart was wrong.
The chosen lyrics,
Don't complete the song.
For it to work,
It needs melody,
Not memory,
A Reality.

The deck of cards,
It's all played out.
Take back yours,
I'll take back mine.
The only thing remains,
Our memory
This poker game,
This game of war,
That no one ever wins.

Pieces left behind,
Tears confined,
Behind watery eyes.
Trapped forever as a memory.
But the future is reality,
And you and me,
Are history.

So put on your winning poker face,
Kill someone's queen,
With your ace,
Your dark army of spades,
Throwing their blades,
Hitting their clubs,
Over the heads of the one,
Who thought they could love,
A cold dark spade.
My decision is made.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © All stories, fiction or nonfiction, are written by unicorn92. Do not claim these works as your own. All character names are made up, and if it is something that happened with the two characters in real life, this is completely coincidental. All rights reserved to Megan.

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