Darkly Ablaze

By LittleSister_

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Tags: freedom, comfort, love

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There he sits 

Upon his lofty precipice 

His tall pedestal 

Risen up in my eyes, my heart,



And yet I touch him, as I can

So deeply 

So fully

As I sing for him

The music of my body yearning for him 

The sigh, that sweet, happy sigh

That escapes me only for him

And I speak the words 

That fill his ears... his heart 

Of how he sets my soul 

So darkly ablaze 

And drown so readily

In the light of his regard

Of how he stills my breath

And quickens my pulse 

How he feeds the hunger 

And quiets the storm 

How he thrills my mind

And tempers my passion 

Of how he raises me up 

Into the rarefied heights 

To gasp with

Sweetest sorrow 

As I can only imagine 

What it would be

To taste his elusive scent 

Upon my breath 

And speak the words 

That send

The tendrils of my presence 

Deep into the fibre of his being 

Even across the vast divide 

Across the world 

And all the heavens 

Yes even the very universe 

To enfold him 

And hold him 

In the confines of my heart 

And set him free 

As he sets me free 

From where he sits 



With eyes that blaze so 


For me...