Dearest Silky One

By scarlet

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Us guys and gals
we love you so much,
the nicknames we give you
just makes us want to touch.

Whether it be a nice juicy pussy
even if its a little bit bushy.
Of course we can simply call you cunt
but only if we're feeling blunt

Being British and going with fanny
makes me think of some old granny.
Calling you our squeeze box
leaves me feeling like an arctic fox

Masking you with the junction of her thighs
always great if we’re feeling a little shy
Calling you a little minge, never brings a twinge,
just always makes me cringe.. or think of ginge.

Looking at you as my lowlands
doesn’t exactly stimulate my glands
Portal of her womanhood
will never bring a man wood.

Cocksocket never makes you squirt
cross that off for dessert.
Feminine core is somewhat of a bore
but a good one to have in the drawer.

Commenting on your wet slit
always end up at the clit
Calling you beef curtains
isn’t me, thats for certain.

Moist muffin is full of hot air.
Ok thats slightly unfair...
Gash on the other hand
has a limited demand.

Sword Shield makes you seal
never to reveal until you’ve healed.
But sometimes you're a coochie
always looking for a smoochie.

Making you a just a cum funnel
when calling you a honey tunnel
Naming you the baby factory
just leaves you feeling unsatisfactory

and now we finally cum to the perfect end
before we say to much about bums bestfriend.

Enough with my little word game
We just love you so much we use it in our nicknames

From precious love’s fountain
to loves tunnel
then loves box
before loves flower

But we just love you
our many nicknamed vagina.