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Delicious - Hungry - Mad - Lusty - Rough

There is a woman...

She has a husband.

He is handsome,

she is beautiful.

They are in love.

She comes home from work
and with silence, closes behind her the door.

And out of the darkness
there comes a hand

that slithers over her mouth.

And a whisper:

"Honey, you're home."

His voice a familiar comfort,
He kisses her neck,

The voice continues,
"My love...
I have missed you dearly."

 A smile curves
beneath his fingers.

This is her love,
and his body more than love,

More than inspiration,
More than the muse,

More than the catalyst
inside her body.

And his body
currently against hers,

 A smile curves
beneath his fingers.

Her hips angle up
against his

Like a cat in heat...

The dirty woman.

He pushes her
against the silent door.

Pushes her, and his hardness digging at her
with his strength;

Pinning her forcefully against the silent door.

Yet... still her hips
seek his in heat.

Still her hips
grind against his
with a certain ferocity.

He undoes the buckle
and pulls his belt away.

It clinks, metal on metal.

Then the zipper down,
and his penis out -

Hard and moist at the tip.

He grabs her by a twisted arm
And she is dragged to the couch
and bent over the top.

Her face in the cushions.

Her tough dress is pushed around her waist.

Her high heels making screeches on the floor.

Her thong shoved aside.

His cock round and warm, knocking

Knocking at the entrance to her cave.

He holds her as he buries himself inside.

There are soft moans made into the couch

And an arching of her back.

Oh God Yes.

Even with the hand twisted
behind her back.

More moans
and moans...
and an arching of her back.

Oh God Yes.

God Yes.


Please More.

In weird little moans made into the couch
and an arching of her back.

Then -

a rough hand at her throat

and fingers wrapped in her hair.

Pulling back (her face)

and snarling words in her ear -

"Hush, you little slut."

There is a moment of pain -

his fingers wrapped in her hair.

but no fear...

only the feign.

And -

an honest

and infinite


They are in love.

And the rougher he is

The wetter she is.

And they continue their roughe wetter

Fucking with







And screaming now

In ecstasy.

Short, high happy






The dirty woman.

With her husband's fingers


in her hair.




in her hair

Pulling. her hair.

Twisting her arm.

Riding her.

Buried inside her.


The dirty woman.

He rides her



Rides her hard

with her hair pulled back

and her arm twisted back



exerted thrusts.

"Ungh Ungh Ungh "

He grunts as he pounds her
with concentrated effort.

He - rough - and her - wet

The living room

is overcome

with the loud

slap, slap, slap

of him in and out of her.

" YES... "

" UNGH. "

slap, slap, slap

and then...

an awesome shattering.

with her body twisting and convulsed



And his body hunched and lurching

spitting. plummeting.

Both cumming, gasping, panting.

His head laid gently upon her back,
and they smile, laugh to themselves
To each other.

And kiss.

They are in love.

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