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So easy to misconstrue
Hello my dear

It's been a while

Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax.

Are you comfortable honey?...

Mmm, good, that’s good.

Why don’t you take those off for me? 

That’s it, you can put them beside you on the chair.

Now why don’t you open up for me?


A little more, mmm yes, just like that.

Nice, good girl.

Now hold it there.

Let me just... slide this in... hmm

Not too big is it honey?

Still comfortable?

Mmm, Yes?


Now why don’t you tilt your head back just a little

Yes like that, good girl.

Now I’m just going to move it a little,

In and out, a little more, not too deep is it?

I wouldn’t want you to gag on it.

Mmm no? Good.

I need a little more pressure on it now, 

Let me know if I go too fast, or too hard.

Just a little more. That’s it! 

How does that feel? Good? Hmm.

A little more pressure now, 

A bit harder, 

I need to go faster, that’s it.

Are you okay? Yes?

Good girl.

Mmm, just a little more,

Almost there, just a little faster now,

That’s it, going deeper, a little harder,

That’s it, almost got it, almost there,

Oh, oh-ope ah, YES there it is!

That's it, oh my, that was a big one.

Hmm, I hope that wasn’t too hard for you?

And didn’t taste too bad? No? Good,

Now rinse and spit.

And I’ll see you in six months!

~ I love a trip to my dentist ;)