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Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever fantasize about me or am I in this alone?
Do you ever think of me as you’re heading out on the town, just you and your hubby, for one of your extremely rare date nights?
When he puts your hand inside his, completely encasing your tiny digits, are you curious as to what my hand would feel like?

What about when he’s behind you and pulling your chair out for you in the fancy restaurant? Do I cross your mind then?
Do you think of me when the glasses clank and you sip the bubbly? Do you wonder what it would be like if I was sitting across from you?

Would there be long looks, hand holding, feet extending trying to touch each other’s skin beneath the table? Or would we just sit and stare, allowing the tension to build?
When the music has slowed and he draws you close, as you lay your head on his shoulder, do you allow your mind to wander?

What about when you feel his dick begin to swell and it pokes against your belly as you dance together?
On the way home, as the conversation drags with the tired sound of familiarity, are you wishing for something – or perhaps someone - a bit more engaging? Do you think of me and what our conversation would entail?
As you lead him up the stairwell, while cognizant that the kids are out of the house until the morning, can you picture me behind you, my eyes burning through your skin-tight dress, longing to see the beauty it contains? Does he even think like that anymore?

Is he half as excited about being close to you as I am? Would you wish, if for just one night, that it was me who was following you up to your room?
When you’re basking in the tub, shaving your legs and every smattering of hair on your body, does it occur to you that I wouldn’t be on the other side of the door watching Sports Central like he is?

You do realize that after I have finished shampooing your hair, I’d have the razor in hand, carefully grooming my lover, preparing her for her evening’s pleasure don’t you?
While he’s watching Jim Rhome, my hands would be roaming every inch of your frame. Before you left the tub you would come on my tongue as it ensured that you were baby smooth.

Would his jaw drop as you enter the bedroom, wrapped in just a towel, completely dry but getting increasingly wet all over again in anticipation of what’s to come? Mine would. Would he even notice how incredibly beautiful you are?
Will you think of me when he finally turns off the tube and his tongue begins to graze over your body? As it comes to rest on your glossy swollen lips? As your nub is sucked between his teeth, then will you wonder what my mouth would feel like?

And just before you come, as he slides his cock inside your sultry cavern, do you wonder just how thick and long and how energetic I would be?


I close my eyes and, as I slide inside her warm chamber, you are there with me. My hips have a mind of their own. And they are fucking you…
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