Do You Think of Me?

By Bad_4You

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Tags: love poem, seduction, desire, longing, passion, masturabtion

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I sometimes wonder what goes through her mind…
I know you enjoy the poems
And many of the stories you’ve read
You’ve told me many a time
How hot and seductive you think they are

And so I’ve come to wonder
About what you wonder about
Do you ever place yourself
In the middle of the story
Lost in the seduction?
Or is it the other genre
Where she is being taken by the shoulders
And forced down on her knees
Is that what you long for?
To be used and coerced
Until your body turns from pain
Into undeniable pleasure?

I can’t help but think of you
Alone in your room
And it’s late into the night
And there you sit in front of the screen

Does your hand casually find the opening of your robe
And pinch your hardened nipples as you read?
Has your breath grown heavy
As your fingers slide on down your belly
Touching your moist folds as the woman is taken?

Tell me, where does your mind take you
As your fingers plow in and out?
Has someone pinned you to the bed
Or perhaps grabbed you by the wrist
And forced his tool between your lovely lips?
Where does your mind wander
As your hips join the fray
And you try to suppress your screams?
Who is the one fucking you baby?
Do you think of me?